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Thaveekij Industry Co, Ltd.

The company manufactures and sells ropes and nets under the brand names “Phu Khao Fai”  (English translation : volcano) and “Nok Krarian Ku” (English translation : flamingo pair). The products are used in various industries, such as fishing and agricultural industries.
Thaveekij Industry Co., Ltd. has the know-how and the expertise in the manufacturing of ropes and nets. The company is established and widely known in the fishing industry, in both coastal and deep-water fishing, for more than four decades.

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Meticulous selection of raw materials coupled with utilization of modern production processes that are controlled by computerized systems ensure that each net is glossy and strong and meets the end-users’ usage demands.


1. Consistent review and continual improvement of the business model to ensure maximum effectiveness 
2. Create a good working environment that meets the international occupational health and safety standards.
3. Continuous training for management and for all employees to create awareness with regard to product quality and customer services.



Company Policy

Separate into 4 Parts

Quality Policy

“We strive to provide professional-grade products and services, utilizing advanced innovation and high quality raw materials. Our staff, including the management, are regularly trained to create awareness with regard to product quality and customer services, and to increase productivity and overall business continuity. We implement continuous improvement in our work processes and develop products that meet the market demands and end-users’ maximum satisfaction.”


Safety Policy

We ensure maximum safety for our customers, employees, contractors, related parties and the society by implementing safety systems that adhere to the international safety standards and relevant laws.  
In addition, we proactively manage occupational health and safety by continuous detection of hazards, analyzing the risks, and taking measures to minimize and control the risks. Moreover, regular reviews of the safety processes are conducted and importance is placed on knowledge creation, skill development and instillment of safety awareness among all the employees, including the contractors and related parties.


Environmental Policy

Environmental problems are managed in a way that continuously protects the environment, prevents pollution and reduces significant environmental impact. Appropriate control measures are implemented together with regular reviews of environmental processes, promoting reduction, reuse and recycling. In addition, the awareness of environmental impact among the employees are promoted through training.


Human Resources Policy

We are a family unit that places the importance and emphasis on both work and education. We promote learning and training of specialized skills to create efficiency and safety in the workplace.

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Company Information


Head office : 41/2 Soi Anumarnrachathon, Suriwong Rd, Suriyawong, Bangruk, Bangkok 10500

Tax Identification Number 0 1055 19010 96 9

Tel : +66-26343618-19 Fax +66-2634 3620